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Instantly Deploy the AI Readiness Index (AIRI) for your ecosystem.

AI Readiness Index (AIRI) is an industry-focused AI readiness assessment framework AI Singapore (AISG) developed. 

What is AIRI Network?

The AI Readiness Index (AIRI) is a groundbreaking framework created by AI Singapore (AISG) to empower organisations to swiftly and seamlessly evaluate their readiness for the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).

AIRI crystallises and distils the critical success factors for AI adoption based on hundreds of engagements AISG has with companies across different industries, sizes, and AI readiness.

Recognising that each organisation operates within its own distinct ecosystem and faces specific challenges when embracing AI, we proudly present the AIRI Network, which allows you to host your own AIRI instance to support your ecosystem of users, members, trade associations or even departments of large organizations.

Who Can Deploy AIRI?

Any association or organization keen to understand how AI-Ready their members or employees are can leverage AIRI Network to deploy a private instance of AIRI.

By leveraging AIRI’s rigorous framework and methodologies, you can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of your association or organization’s AI journey.

Understand TO intervene

Why AIRI Network?

  • Understand
    When your members or employees complete AIRI, you will have a better picture of your association’s or organization’s AI maturity, and with that understanding, appropriate interventions can be activated.
  • Ease of Deployment
    It only takes 3-steps to activate your own private instance of AIRI via the AIRI Network.
  • Trusted
    The AIRI Network is developed and hosted by AI Singapore – Singapore’s national AI R&D programme.
  • Own Your Data
    Your private AIRI instance data belongs to you. AI Singapore will only receive an aggregated, summarized data set with your permission. AI Singapore and our stakeholders will use this data set to continue to develop and enhance various AI programmes for Singapore companies and Singaporeans.
  • Drive National Progress
    Join us in advancing AI adoption across industries and contributing to Singapore’s leadership in AI innovation.

How it works?

To deploy AIRI, there are only 3 simple steps.

1. Upload Logo

2. Add Details

3. Edit Color Scheme

Watch demo

Here is a walkthrough of the 3-steps configurations

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Here are our frequently asked questions that could be useful for you.

The AIRI Network offers a convenient hosted-for-you AIRI solution. With AIRI Network, associations and organizations can effortlessly deploy their own AIRI instance with their branding. Once deployed, your members or employees can take the AIRI assessment from YOUR branded AIRI.

If you are a Singapore-based company, please re-direct your Singapore customers to https://connect.aisingapore.org to complete their AIRI assessment.

If you like to provide your own AIRI site to your ecosystem, please register and we will follow-up.

Thank you for your interest in AIRI, please contact us. We would prefer AIRI to be hosted by a non-commercial organization, and we would be happy to work with you and your industry association to see how together we can benefit your industry ecosystem at large.

Organisations can use the AIRI assessment to understand their AI capabilities, identify areas for improvement, and align AI adoption with their organizational objectives.

All you need to do is follow the three-step configuration setup: upload your logo, enter your organisation description and rebrand it with your colour scheme. Your AIRI is ready to deploy. To deploy, just share your rebranded AIRI website. (eg. company.airi.sg)

AIRI refers to the assessment itself and is typically completed by a company. The AIRI Network is designed for associations, large organizations and government agencies to deploy their private AIRI instances quickly for their members and employees.

Yes, AIRI Network is free to use; however, access is subject to approval.

Once you register and deploy your AIRI instance via AI Singapore’s AIRI Network, you can host it on a subdomain of airi.sg. (eg. company.airi.sg). The data collected from AIRI assessments through your hosted site will be owned and accessible by your organisation. The data will be stored in Singapore’s hosting provider (Kinsta) data centre. AI Singapore will only access the aggregated data for National AI planning purposes.

Yes! We have an advanced option and menu for users who are more technical. You can enable this menu directly from your settings.

Yes! We have video tutorials in the dashboard that guides you step by step, covering topics on how to setup, how to download report and even on advanced customisations.

Sure! Please contact us, and we can discuss further, how we can help you setup your own AIRI network for your country. This will ensure your AIRI network data will stay within your country.

Ready to deploy AIRI?

Join us in advancing AI adoption across industries and contributing to Singapore’s leadership in AI innovation. Deploy AIRI today!